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Alkire (Alkie) Richard FTM1(SS) 1962 - 1964. Plankowner Was leading MT for new construction and 1st 2 Blue patrols. Retired in 83 as FTCM(SS). Does anyone have a plankowners list? (Yes, I have added a Blue and Gold crew listing that is available from the main Lafayette page, Buck)
Allen Michael MT2 (SS) Jan 73-Jan77 I tried Roger Sheltra's via his listed e-mail and it did not work. Roger, are you out there? If so please e-mail me. I'm also trying to locate Al Sholes. He was a TM1 (SS) on the Blue crew during a portion of the 70's. Any ideas? John Howe, is that you of boot camp Company 206 in San Diego (July - September 1971)?
Althaus Henry (Hank) STS3(SS) 03/71 - Late 72 Served on Gold with STSC(SS)Ed (Greenlight) Bell, STS1(SS)Joe Dye, STS2(SS)Blackie Blackwell. Made two Med patrols and the transit and sound trials from Rota to Groton for the "Weekend Warrior" rotation. Left boat just before refit for A-2 & C schools in San Diego. Left navy in '74 for college. Great Duty ... Great Crew ... Great Time!
Antee Michael IC2SS 1977-1980 Great Times. Gold Crew. IC gang. The best bunch the Navy ever had on a boat foward to aft.
Armentrout Robert MM1SS Jun 62- Sep 67 15Jun62 to Sept. '67 New construction, Groton Connecticut. Plank Owner Gold Crew. Survived Rickover's hachet squad for initial certification. Enjoyed Cape Canaverals missile fire. 2Jul 63 was present at qualifying missile fire for Sec. of Defense. Served under Captains Strong and Pollack. Left the ship in Charleston on her way to Newport News for refit. I still use things I learned while qualifying on all those watch stations. I still have the stained shorts when at test depth a cavity collapsed -- man what a rush -- I still remember some faces on the build out crews. What a great bunch of guys..
Ashburn Royal     Would be neat to visit with some old shipmates.
Own a construction business out of Maynard, MN
Ashburn Royal YN2 1966-70 Would be neat to visit with some old shipmates.
baird sam, one ea. mm2 77-79 blue crew, snotty nuke
Ball Ernie MM1 1973-1976 stated in the shipyard, then made 5 patrols on the gold crew
Bartilson David RM2 (SS) 1962-1964 Plank owner...Blue Crew...have list...2 patrols, served w/Smitty, Wareman, Chief Ferris, Biddle, Morrie - where r you guys?! I still want to go to sea! Living in Detroit area...Drop me a note!
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