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Polkowski Al FTB2(SS) 1964-1970 Spent all of my short career on one boat...Came aboard for the 2nd Blue Crew patrol and stayed on the Blue crew till discharge in '70. Then went to Vietnam with Cecil Bishop working for a computer company. Since 1988 I own a business making custom knives for Spec Ops and other meateater type people.
DeSimone AL (DES) TM 74-77 I was on the Blue Crew with a great bunch of guys.

Anyone know where Chief Herb Knauer and/or Dennis Sassinger is located?

Naudin Albert seaman 1975 1977 served two years active duty on gold crew was a yoeman striker did two patrols out of scotland and reported onboard in new london remember I flew the kite out side the torpedo room

Gasch Allen IC2(SS) 1968 to 1970 Came on board in the ship yard. Made 3 patrols. It would be great to hear from some of the old IC Gang. I was in the Blue crew.
Cunningham Allen MT-1 Dec 75-Jun 80 MY first boat the Blue Crew,made 2nd class on first patrol( less than 2 years) and then 1st class at the earliest chance (with less than 4 years in) made alot of good friends, learned alot. Even how to steal the XO's door, and not to wake the Capt up with a recording of "the yellow submarine " over the 21MC. Thanks Sass for teaching me the launcher so well.
MANUEL ALLEN WAYNE SK3 (SS) 9-72 thru 6/75 Did complete overhaul in Groton, Ct. and
DASO RUN tRANSFERED TO SSN-685 for one year,
transfered to shore duty in NEW Orleans, transfered 3/77 to USS THOMAS EDISON SSBN-610 until May 1980 left the NAVY

Smith Bill ET1(SS) 1982 -1986 Nav ET looking for fellow crew members, lets have a reunion.
Reported on board for Sea Trials & DASO and then many patrols, now living in Pa. (Gold Crew)
Cummings Bill EM1(SS) 1964-1968 Blue Crew. Rode her through 5 Med patrols and took her into Newport News for refitting and new reactor core. Left the old gal at the end of 68. Email:
Dopirak Bill ET2(SS) 7/64 - 9/65 2 patrols - Blue crew -NavET
First FBM - Started career on fleet boats.
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