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Hayes Winthrop MM2(SS) 10/77-1/80 Gold Crew M-Div/ELT -- 4 patrols, then left for S1C & out in '83 -- Kevin Knoer (also M-Div)& I married twin sisters, still best buds -- in CT ever since -- hated the f'in boat while I was there, but have great memories of it since -- pinochle & backgammon, the bromide & 2K, hideout, snorkeling @ the diesel, blasting the tunes in nucleonics, Chief Hall, Heimo, Andy, Dwayne, Biggie, George, Becker, Ray and all the rest -- you jokers know who you are!
Thompson William (Bill) MM1(SS/DV) 1974 - 1977  
Robinson William MM2 Dec 87-Nov90 Was nicknamed Joebob while onboard.
Little William MM2(ss) 1986-1989 Gold crew "M" Div-er extrordinair. Master of TD-501 and the LiBr. Currently MMC on SSN-772. Kept Torenson from killing everyone in their sleep.
Smith William MM1(SS) 1975-1978 Blue Crew A-Gang. Now 757 captain for ATA. Pulled my poopie suit out of a trunk in 1999 and it still smelled like the Lafayette!
Morris William MT2(SS) 05/63 - 01/67 Made first seven blue crew patrols. Retired as FTCM(SS) 10/83; made twenty patrols on three "Boomers".
Frazier West MM3(SS) 1972-1975 A-gang. One patrol out of Rota on the blue crew, then through full yard period and ALL the sea trials - BUSY time! Great boat,great crew, and great 2nd captain. Settled south of Boston. I recognize a few of you guys.
Calloway Wendall RMC(SS) 68-72 Came aboard in Newport News Jun 68 in Gold Crew.Releived Chief Cope as Chief of The Boat in 70. Left the 616 in Apr 72 for shore duty where I retired in 73. Now live in Kingstree S.C. retired also from the State where I worked in forest fire control.
Phillips Wayne E. TM2(SS) 68-70 Came aboard in Newport News yard. Three patrols. Launcher station Gold crew. Enjoyed my tour of duty, the friends I made, and often wished I'd stayed. Now work for plant that made our fuel.
Baumgardt Walter LT 1988-1991 Made 5 patrols, then was member of combined crew that decommissioned the boat. Disbanding of crew coincided with my end of naval service.
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