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Buchanan Buck IC2(SS) 1964-1968 I made 6 patrols from 1965-1968 on the Gold crew. Really a great boat and good crew... moved from Charleston, SC to Walterboro SC, 2014.

I was in sub school and a sentry the day the Lafayette was commissioned... little did I know I would be assigned to her later.
Sherman John MM3 - MM1 Sep.62- June 69 A great boat and crew. A lot of good memories. I hope someone can cook up a reunion real soon
My E Mail is;
Be glad to hear from any crew.
Welan Michael IC1(SS) 1964 to 1972 Retired from the Navy in 1983. Live in Moncks Corner, SC.
Jackson Stan MMFNSS Plank owner Wher is every body? I'm now in mansfield Ohio.
2 kids,both through college and the cops aren't looking for either one of them.
Hyman Michael RM2(SS) 1974-1976 E-mail:
Smith Bill ET1(SS) 1982 -1986 Nav ET looking for fellow crew members, lets have a reunion.
Reported on board for Sea Trials & DASO and then many patrols, now living in Pa. (Gold Crew)
Hollenbeck Dick ETR2(SS) 1964 - 1967 Did 6 patrols on the gold crew with Buck. We had experiences that I still talk about. I now live in Michigan and have 4 children and 7 grand-children.
Kaczmarek Dennis RM1(SS) 9/71 - 9/75 Made a couple of patrols, then was there for the entire yard period and all testing afterwards. Got off the boat just before 1st post conversion patrol.
Keener Patrick EM2/SS 1987-1991 Did 5 patrols as a member of the Blue crew and decommissioned the boat August 15,1991. I was the last throttleman as we entered dry-dock for the final time.
Johnson Rob ETR-2 1963-69 Live in Gatlinburg, TN. Email:
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